At Caudle Developments, we undertake bespoke kitchen and bathroom conversions for properties of all types and sizes – designing a personal living space to suit all family needs and budgets! We can incorporate a new kitchen or bathroom into a wider home conversion or extension, or build your dream room as a standalone project – so get in touch to find out more!

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The Heart Of The Home

Kitchens are the bustling heart of the home, and bathrooms are havens of relaxation and privacy. The general rule is, the larger your family, the more kitchen space you’ll need, and the more bathrooms you’ll need, especially as your family grows older. Families with teenage or adult children living at home may benefit from two bathrooms and an open plan kitchen/dining room, for instance.

Even more than the living room, in many British homes the kitchen is the main gathering space in the house, where people take time away from their busy schedules to eat and share fellowship together. From having somewhere to do homework or catch up with friends, to having a space that transforms even the chilliest day into a Mediterranean family feast, modern kitchens are all about style and practical comfort.

The Perfect Way To Invest In Your Home And Family

Kitchens and bathrooms can also be the two most expensive investments you can make in your home short of a new extension – and the features most likely to add the most value to your property, so it’s worth making a considered decision.

Overhauling, expanding, or modernising your kitchen or bathroom can greatly improve the character, value, and living quality of the entire property. It’s a wonderful way of improving your quality of life if you want to invest in your home but don’t want or need the disruption of a full extension. Achieving the perfect kitchen or bathroom installation requires meticulous attention to detail, from the ergonomics of the design to the small finishing touches that transform a piece of architecture into a practical and beautiful part of your home.

Caudle Developments specialise in kitchen & bathroom construction, based in Ware, we cover all of Hertfordshire, surrounding areas and parts of North London – including Stevenage, Harlow, Hoddesdon and St Albans.


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At Caudle Developments, we have deep respect for these vital rooms, and our promise is to blend our skilled craftsmanship with your dreams to achieve stunning results. Our teams operate in a highly organised, respectful manner that guarantees that the transformation is completed with minimal intrusion or stress. Call today on 01920 739 470 to find out more.

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