House Layout Ideas For Light and Space

There are so many different ways you can upgrade, update and remodel your house so it better meets your needs. Making new house layout plans can be a simple and cost-effective way to make the most of your existing property and add value. At Caudle, we specialise in house layout design, so here are our top tips for creating a bright, light and spacious home.

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1) Install More Windows

Natural light is so important for both our mental and physical health. If your house is feeling dark and dingy, we can install new windows in a suitable location to maximise the amount of light that your property gets. We can also replace existing small windows with large, one-panel windows or french doors to allow more light to flood into your home – it can help with ventilation too.

2) Remodel The Stairs

Another reliable way to create a sense of space in your home is remodelling your stairs or switching the type of staircase in your property. We can replace your existing large and cumbersome staircase with a space-saving spiral staircase or an L-shaped stair layout to take up less space. This is a great way to make your home feel less cramped and allow you to utilise the full potential of your property.

3) Open Plan Living Ideas

Open plan living is becoming increasingly popular as we are looking for ways to better enjoy our homes. It can be a great way to increase the sense of space, connect the different areas of the home and boost the levels of light, with fewer dividing walls. An open-plan layout can be easy to create, but it’s important you get an expert company like Caudle to handle any knocking down of walls to make sure it’s safe for your property. We can dismantle walls between kitchens and dining rooms for a modern cooking and entertaining space that works for the whole family.

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If your home could benefit from a new house layout design to create more light and space, at Caudle Developments we’re here to help. Our experienced house layout design experts can find the best way to make your home light, bright and spacious, from creating an open plan kitchen diner to adding windows to attic conversions. Call us today on 01920 739 470 to start your home transformation.


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