When approaching the renovation of grade listed buildings, it is essential to take into account the extra costs involved and the steps you can take to help reduce expenditure.

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Renovating a listed building can be hugely rewarding, but it’s a more complex and time-consuming task than renovating a regular property. So, how much does renovating a listed building cost? Here are the primary considerations that can influence your budget planning.

Specialist Skills and Materials

It can typically cost anywhere between 30 to 50 per cent more to renovate listed buildings UK wide. This is due to the specialist labour and materials you may need to use to keep your project within development guidelines.


With most significant development projects, you’ll need to apply for planning consent before you can start. With listed buildings, you also need to apply for a listed building consent on top of regular planning permission.

The charge for putting in an application for listed building consent is currently minimal, and councils will usually process the application alongside your planning; it can take extra time. Time is money in any development project, so you will need to factor this into your cost estimate. Applications for more minor projects are usually processed in around eight weeks. However, more complex listed building projects may be referred to English Heritage, which can add further waiting time.

Once your project is approved, it’s likely to take longer to complete than a non-listed project. This is because you will need access to specialist skills and may need to wait longer for specialist materials to arrive. Listed development proposals must help to preserve the history of a building. Therefore you will be limited with the types of materials you can use in your project.

Keeping Costs Low

It is easy for costs to skyrocket when renovating a listed building. Therefore it is essential to tap into every incentive possible to help you control how much you spend. You may be entitled to a grant from Historic England or other organisations, which can significantly contribute towards restoration.

Safety Is Essential

Due to the specialist skills required to restore a listed building, it’s likely that you’ll have more workers on-site. With more people and contractors from various companies, it’s important to protect yourself and your team from accidents, injury or damage. It is, therefore, crucial to take out the appropriate public liability insurance before you start your project.

In conclusion, the rebuild costs for listed buildings can be costly but highly rewarding if you tap into the resources available and make sure you protect your finances.

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